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FYG SPRAY presents another slam dunk! Sherbishna x Strawnana Runtz x Sativa Scream is a winner!

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Supherbs presents another SLAM DUNK! Cee Cee is Sherbishna x Strawnana Runtz x Sativa Scream. Sherbishna was hunted diligently and paired with Strawnana Runtz x Sativa Scream to create sativa leaning monster. Expect large plants with large buds. The smell of Sherbishna is very distinct however the flavor is smooth like its parent Sherbert. Mildly offensive to the nose sweet on the pallet. Truly a smokers favorite.


Sherbert – Girls Scout Cookies x Pink Panties

Krishna Kush – Lavender x Gupta Kush

Strawnana Runtz

Strawnana – Bubble Gum *Strawberry Pheno* (DNA and Serious Seeds) x Banana Kush (Crocketts)

Runtz – Gelato x Zkittlez

Sativa Scream

DJ Short’s Bluberry F5 – Temple Flo x HTAF

Santa Cruze Haze – Unknown Haze Brother Cross


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