Lasagna 10 Pack (F)


Lasagna natures most perfect food. This 10 pk is a rich and hearty blend of Strawnana Runtz x Sativa Scream x O.Miller #16. Expect sweet earthy musty gas!

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Supherbs presents Lasagna! Lasagna is O.Miller#16 x Sativa Scream x Strawnana Runtz. Expect a hearty full smoke like steaming hot lasagna. O.Miller #16 is extremely gassy with sweet notes. The Strawnana Runtz from Purple City Genetics is a very dense sticky strain in its own right. Blend the meat cheese and sauce and you’ve got Lasagna!

O.Miller #16

EMF – French Cookies (TH Seeds) x Customer Service (In House Genetics)

Indian School Rd – Modified Bananas x M.A.C

Strawnana Runtz

Strawnana – Bubble Gum *Strawberry Pheno* (DNA and Serious Seeds) x Banana Kush (Crocketts)

Runtz – Gelato x Zkittlez

Sativa Scream

DJ Short’s Bluberry F5 – Temple Flo x HTAF

Santa Cruze Haze – Unknown Haze Brother Cross


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